Thursday, January 13, 2011

Car Painting

I think I am almost finished this painting. I have been working on it now for a couple of sessions. I am not happy with the top right hand corner. it just does not look right. Not sure about the composition either. I really enjoyed the painting side of it and playing with the coulurs. I have decided I need new paints.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upside Down Drawing

Here is my effort at the upside down drawing. I look at it and already I can see all the places where I went wrong. It is funny but I have seemed to enlarge everything and I could not get out of my head that I was drawing hands. I found it really difficult to think of it as just lines and shapes as Betty recommends that we do. Well onwards and upwards.
I have started to rework a painting that I started months ago will work on it a bit more today then post a progress shot. I have been looking at some really creative blogs of other people I will post links, I think you will like them. Oh by the way I think I am talking to myself as I seem to be the only one that looks here. I am too worried about posting this on face book as I quite like the anonymity of it all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pre Instructional Drawings.

Ok I made a start today with the first two drawings. My inner critic is going crazy pointing out all the wrong things with the two drawings. I am proud of myself just for making a start. One more pre instructional drawing to go then I start on the course. Oh by the way I am an awful speller. I try really hard but my right brain is definately the dominate side and spelling is not that improtant to me. Just tought I would get that out in the open. Oh an my typing is also to you soon.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Four

its day 4 of my getting back into art and I have yet to pick up a pencil or brush. I am way to busy sorting and organising my studio. I went to work yesterday to clean my office and ended up bringing home all sorts of art projects to do with my students.
The temperature is going to be 40 here today so I think some time spent in the coolness of the studio will be a good thing.
I am (positive thinking here) going to be creative today. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well here goes. In 2004 I started to work on this drawing technique and never finished it. Actually I have started to work through these exercises several times over the last 10 years without ever completing it. I thought that if I shared it with the world then I may just stick to it.
Betty Edwards, I believe, has a great technique for learning how to draw.
I have been teaching art for about 17 years and although I am an ok drawer I never feel as if I am good enough. Art teachers are meant to be good at art and are meant to be able to prove themselves, yet we dont ever question an English teacher who has not written a book or a maths teacher who is not solving problems on the weekend.
I plan to work through this book and see what happens. I give my students this excercise to do so I should do it myself.
I love to paint but have found it very difficult to find time, I am hoping that will change to. I noe have this amazing new studio space in my beautiful new home. So NO MORE PUTTING THINGS OFF.
If you are interested in drawing then I highly recomend Betty's book.
Happy creating.


welcome to my art space. I am interested in all things to do with art and craft. I have just set up my own studio and hope to blog about my journey back into the art world and life in general. I hope you enjoy it and that we can share our love of art together.